Monday, March 22, 2010

They Will Buy You and Sell You For Celebrity Status

Mood:  bored out of my mind.
Hating:  0/3 essays, 1/2 final presentations and one major assignment to finish.
Loving:  ...if I throw myself off a five story building, I wouldn't have to do the schoolwork, right?
Lip-syncing:  Marianas Trench -- Celebrity Status
Quote of the day:  "The bra:  tit and bit holder."


Alright. So who actually pays attention in class? There are much more entertaining things to occupy your mind.

"I pray at the church of asses in the seat."

I'm a pretty sardonic person. Almost everyone I know can attest to this. Although physical humour can be absolutely hilarious, I specialize more in words. I'll admit, I'm pretty easily entertained. However, my tongue can be rather sharp at times, but mostly my snide comments are just meant for a little teasing.

And no one is above a little teasing.

Being famous means having pictures of you plastered left and right, available for anyone's use. Yes, I abuse that privilege. Here are some of my favourite artists with some rather amusing captions.

They get better, I promise... I just really like this picture.

I fear only my fellow theatre geeks will understand this one...

Tee-hee-hee, this speaks for itself, I think.
Alas, I can't claim this next one as my own, but it brings a good chuckle. Thanks Lynn!
This is one of my favourites...
The next two go together.
And by request, here are a couple of my favourite Synyster Gates ones.

And this is what I do in class. And what I do instead of completing school work. What a great use of thousands of dollars of tuition money.


Danni said...

Ah, these are hilarious! I must admit my favourite is the Johnny one.. just the look on his face is priceless. Well done, my dear!

dirtyxpretty said...

I CAN NOT BELIEVE THA TI HAVE NOT COMMENTED ON THIS YET! AND IT'S BEEN POSTED FOR WHAT, LIKE A BAJILLION MONTHS?! I feel like a loser-face now. Anyhoo. These pictures are brilliant. AND CAN I JUST SAY! That the one of Syn, second from the GOOD does he look there?!

And I'm done.