Thursday, May 20, 2010

Would You Lie With Me and Just Forget the World?

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When someone passes on….what does it mean?

The word "pass"; we use it everyday. I pass people on campus, I pass people on the street. Does it mean because I just pass" them they have no importance?

When I think of passing I think of someone with the probability of never seeing walk by again, wave or greet you again, but when we pass on does it go unnoticed like the people we don’t remember from the street or campus?

I don't quite know how to say how I feel.

It just never really made sense to me. To me the word "pass", is more a gentle way of putting something that doesn’t need to be softened, it is a way of life…life something that will soon enough be taken away. But why do we run in fear from it?

It’s just like asking why we cry with pain when someone dies or leaves us. Are we scared of their faces fading? Their legend going unnoticed? Not being able to have a conversation with that loved one again?

What seems to pass us everyday is the fact that none of that is taken away. No one believes enough in belief itself to see that. When we shed tears about not being able to see our loved ones happy face…you are potentially selling yourselves short, if you can remember that they once had a smile upon there face, you can see it again, for it is not the human figure but the memory that leaves us feeling warm

I need your grace to remind me to find my own.

When you are little and cry at sleepovers because you miss your mom or dad, maybe it is not because they are not physically there but because you may not remember just how they tuck you in, or just the way they smell when they kiss you good night. It is the loss of memory of the little things that make us sad.

Passing on, or leaving, has no meaning other then the fact that their human figure no longer carries body heat, no longer walks around the streets with emotion in their eyes.

Forget what we're told, before we get too old...

Passing on is just finally being able to fly, being able to walk through doors, and jump through windows. Passing on is being able to be free without feeling physical pain. When we pass on , we in reality, have everything we ever dreamed of, everything if you look down inside is found when it is your right time to leave.

We strive for the time we are here to be something remarkable, but the truth is, dead or alive, someone will remember you. Even if you were that beautiful person who was merely “passed” on the street corner one day. We shall not shed any more tears for those who have passed on because they are more with us then maybe the ones who we see every day. Why do you think you cry when you sleep over at that old friend's house, or your grandparent’s house? It’s because the people who are here living…don’t have that same memory as the people who have passed on.

When you are off in one of those moments trying to remember their faces, their smell or the sound of their voice, don’t try too hard. They are there. You just need to listen. They listen to you… it's your turn. Dream about them, write about them, sing about them, and how much you love the fact that they are still here in spirit, which is so much stronger then human form.

Because the truth is, spirits never die.

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dirtyxpretty said...

I love this. It's so...perfect. <3