Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Final Song, A Last Request, A Perfect Chapter Laid to Rest

Mood:  incredible.
Hating:  that the weekend is over.
Loving:  friends, music, inspiration.
Lip-syncing:  Avenged Sevenfold -- So Far Away
Quote of the Day:  "Now and then I try to find a place in my mind where you can stay, you can stay awake forever."


Coming back from Heavy MTL was just inspiring. It was an incredible weekend filled with people, booze, craziness, and most of all, music. I won't get into the minuet details of my trip to Montreal, but I will share how absolutely amazing Avenged Sevenfold was. Their first show without Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, their drummer, and they couldn't have been more extraordinary.

I wish I could just spend time gushing about Alice Cooper, Slayer, Rob Zombie, Korn, Hatebreed, and the other insane bands/artists that performed, but that would take way too long. Instead, I'll simply post what I managed to scribble down on the way back home.

All for the love of music <3

Drummer's Kick

I hear the beat like nothing else
The bass in the right
the slam from the left
Your hands pound through the music
like angels playing me lullabies
The electric pulse sends my knees beating
like a never ending lecture of foes
Take what you've learned
and prove what you know
The lessons learned through practice and notes
Full of love and hatred for fellow man

Whole notes held just long enough
to feel your heart beating
Now I can't quit tapping my feet
in hopes you'll notice I'm keeping time
Trying to rock out to a song your soul hasn't fully found yet

I sit in a familiar place
Full of memories of the way it used to be
All glistening smiles as if time has never passed
A chunk of me the size of last night's drunken mistakes
belongs here, to you for always

You have a drummer's kick about you
Consistently moving and shaking with the beat
Arms flying as if to tell me I have my own personal angel

You have no idea how much your sound has blessed the non-believers
They're all listening to the cries of the drum bass kick

Plug in your headphones
Let the waves of sound wash over
As if they were made from the skin of your enemies

I see those instruments in the corner
The corner where we forgot old beer bottles
And the nights we can't remember but still try to forget

You connection has rhythm
Friends have soul
Our family's created through rock and roll
So I shift to drop D
answering your beat with my strings
Tell me what you really think of me
But let's play a major note to depict where I come from now
Haven't you noticed the changes in my grin?

There's nothing else more important
Then the weaving together of friends for the perfect life song.