Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We'll Do What We Like, Because Life's In Short Supply

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Hating:  how I should probably be exercising, or doing laundry, or cleaning...
Loving:  just relaxing.
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Just trying to get back into the swing of writing again. Bear with me...

See Who I Am

I slowly woke feeling the sun’s rays beating down on me. I saw the light glow behind my eyelids and the warmth on my face and hair. An arm was lightly wrapped around my waist and a gentle finger traced circles around my belly button. Light feather kisses were placed on my shoulder and I could feel the coolness of the piercings from his lips. His messy black hair brushed against my neck and his breath feathered my skin as he quickly moved his lips up to the special spot on my neck. I jerked fully awake as I couldn’t hold back the moan that sprang forth. I could practically hear him smirk. It was his sure-fire way to wake me up; always.
I slid away a little to stretch before moving back, molding my body to his. His chin sat on my shoulder as he kissed my cheek and jaw down to my neck. I sighed contently reaching a hand back sliding it into his silky black hair and twirled the soft locks between my fingers. His other hand cupped my chin turning it making his nose lightly rub against mine. His wide green eyes fixed on my face though I hadn’t opened my brown ones yet. I just felt it. Felt his gaze just like I felt the finger on my belly button make slow circles. I slowly smiled keeping my eyes closed as his warm large hand cupped my cheek. I turned my face lightly kissing his palm before leaning into his touch. 

He was not what anyone would have expected. He wasn’t violent like people believed when they saw his tattoos. He wasn’t angry and searching for attention as so many people thought seeing his piercings. His fit body and large hands weren’t meant to destroy and cause pain. They were meant to be gentle; to coax beautiful notes from the strings of a guitar, or to love and touch a woman. He wasn’t an alcoholic or a druggie like so many people assumed when he had a bottle of beer in his hand or a cigarette hanging between his perfect lips. He wasn’t lonely just because he played to thousands of screaming fans every night on tour.

He wasn’t meant to be alone because I couldn’t stop loving him.
His lips pressed to my forehead and I smiled lightly. He lingered and smiled then pulled away and looked down pressing his forehead to the top of my head, presumably looking down at me.
“So what do I have to do today to get you to open your eyes?” I could hear the amusement in his tone. I fought back a smile myself.

Somehow he had fallen for me. I wasn’t what anyone would expect. I had straight dark hair. No one would have thought it’d been dyed more colors than a rainbow unless they took a look at my adolescent photos. I had a plain brown eyes. No one would have expected that I used to rim it with layers of black eyeliner. I wear suits and carry a briefcase around. No one would have noticed my body full of tattoos and high alcohol tolerance. I was widely respected in the business world. No one would have pictured me laying in bed with a man who was seen completely opposite of what he looked like.
We were two people who were seen as something but someone else entirely. And we were the only two people who saw who the other really was. We were two people who had fallen in love. I breathed a laugh.

Nothing today…just ask.” I heard him lightly chuckle as he moved back and laid me down straight up. The sheets covered me as he held himself up on his side with an arm with his other hand still on my stomach.
“Will you please open your beautiful eyes for me to see, baby?” My eyelids fluttered before I opened them fully. I carefully turned in his arms so I could lie on my back, and found jade green orbs staring back at me. His eyes slightly lit up at the site of mine, for some odd reason. His hand slid up from my stomach to my cheek and slowly stroked his thumb under my eye biting his lip. He leaned in pressing his full lips to mine as our bodies molded together. He lingered, lightly breathing on me, holding me tightly to his chest before pulling back keeping his lips at a comfortable distance in case he found the urge once more to kiss me.
“Good afternoon my love…” he murmured staring into my eyes as his hair mixed with mine and his warmth spread to my body. I smiled sliding a hand to his neck lightly holding and keeping him in his same position.
“Afternoon already?” I asked. He nodded, smiling wider.

Did you sleep well?”

Best in awhile, actually,” I told him. He seemed happy with that thought. “So what are we doing today?” He laughed a little.
“Today? Nothing… I just wanna stay in bed with you.” I smiled widely leaning in stealing a kiss from him.
“Sounds good. I’ll call in some food… you have to go down and get it though.” I lightly smirked as he laughed and nodded.

Ok…only for you.” I looked at his eyes seeing the light green and blue around the edges with a darker green surrounding the irises. He had the most incredible eyes. Like seeing my entire life, is what it boiled down to.
“I love you…” I smiled hearing the words I’ve heard for the past few years and knew I would hear for the rest of my life as well.
“I love you too…” He leaned in and gave me a kiss I’d never forget.


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