Friday, November 5, 2010

So We Made Our Way By Finding What Was Real

Mood:  content and slightly amused.
Hating:  all the work I know is waiting for me; but I'm going to enjoy some relaxation right now.
Loving:  cozy blankets and snoring pet dogs.
Lip-syncing:  Daughtry -- September
Quote of the Day:  "Girls chase nothing. Not even their vodka."


I love getting together with people you haven't seen for awhile. Updating each other and getting all caught up, you get all nostalgic and happy, reminiscing and just enjoying one another's company.

Of all the things I still remember
Summers never looked the same
Years go by and time just seems to fly
But the memories remain

It's nice to just get together and share. It's kind of like therapy, but better because you know you're getting heartfelt thoughts and advice from someone who actually cares about you, and your outcome. Perhaps it doesn't happen to everyone, but I know oftentimes I lose track of myself, of the world. All the problems, the stresses, the troubles, fill my vision and mind, and I drown in all the negativity. I lose sight of what's good, what's important; what's real. But all I really need is that one phone call, one text message from someone asking how I am and if I want to meet up. Eating, laughing and just talking through everything can really help cement your thoughts, bring your attention back to the foundations of happiness and shine a light on where you were meant to be headed. You may not be even close to getting where you want, or finding that way again, but we can all use that extra hand in guiding us on that path to the reality you truly desire.

So pick up the phone and call that old friend. It can be well worth your while. We all need those breaks, those moments where you just kick back and hang out with your buddies. And sometimes it'll help you realize the absurdity of the world; and how Apple is clearly moving forward in world domination...Or maybe just among us...hahaha...

I feel like we should be a little concerned, at some point. But maybe after we've finished remembering that one time...

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